Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bow Board

I am finally posting one of my non-food related projects. I have several more, but I'm not good at taking pictures of clothes and my daughter will never pose so you can see what she's wearing. So, for now, here's this bow board. I saw one of these at one of my all time favorite stores, Ribbons and Lace. It is an amazing store with rows and rows of (you guest it) ribbons and lace!

It was super easy! I got a 16 x 20 canvas and then you basically just hot glue ribbons down it. I also did one across the top and painted the title "Jaci's Bows" on it. Then I hot glued a ribbon all around the side edge, so you wouldn't see the other ribbon ends. I used the colors that are in her room, so it would match everything. I think it turned out cute!

It also makes her bows (all of which I've made) that are usually scattered about all over the house look more like a piece of artwork or something. I'm all about getting things organized and decluttered these days, so this bow board is just the thing! I also hung a star peg I've had for hears next to it to put all her necklaces on it that my sister-in-law made. (She's in the process of getting her "Heartbaby Boutique" blog back up. I'll let you know when it does.) She makes the cutest things!

My next project is to get my sewing cabinet up and running. My husband's cousin was getting rid of an old computer cabinet so he let us have it. My goal is to get it situated adn all set up with my sewing machine, serger, and all my sewing supplies. Once that gets done, I'll be able to get sewing again. I have several unfinished projects and hundreds of ideas! They'll be coming soon!

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  1. This is so cute and such a great and creative idea for a little girl. Great job on the bows too!


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